Product Showcase: BSW 28 Sweeper | Corona, CA

Because a lot of today’s business takes place in office buildings, it is important to be able to maintain the flooring on a consistent basis in order to keep a professional appearance and safe environment for everyone entering and leaving the space. In the past, we used the push broom in order to sweep the areas, but this turns out to be both exhausting and time-consuming if the space is large enough. Not the most economical option. Then we had the vacuum – an improvement but still not much better in the convenient department with its cords and container cleaning. Now there is an even better option to get those floors swept and tidy – the industrial sweeper. When deciding to expand our product line we knew that you had certain needs to maintaining your floors, so we’ve included these industrial sweepers.

Ideal for both carpets and hardwood, the Clarke BSW 28 Sweeper was created to be both rugged and versatile, making it the perfect choice for large industrial areas that get dirty with dust and dirt more than liquified spills. With its 28-inch sweeping path, self-propelled traction and active dust control, the BSW 28 can get into all of the hard-to-reach places in order to pick up every speck of dust and debris cluttering your floors. And while this may seem similar to a vacuum, this sweeper runs on a gel battery that can run for 2.5 – 3 hours in one charge. But that is just the tip of the proverbial dust bunny iceberg. Not only is it an efficient sweeper, but it’s easily-operated, extremely quiet and has been Green Certified to be eco-friendly as well.

Maintaining the flooring of a large industrial/commercial building is not an easy task. In fact, at times it can be overwhelming. So, when considering new equipment for cleaning hardwood or carpeted flooring, the Clarke BSW 28 is the ideal option for a durable, convenient, eco-friendly option for even the most noise-sensitive of workplaces.

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Product Showcase: The Advance-Adgressor® Rider-Scrubber | Corona, CA

Because no business is exactly alike, when delving into our product expansion, we decided that we needed to include all variations of industrial scrubbers, including both riding and manual-push. The Advance Adgressor® rider-scrubber is not only a fantastic piece of equipment due to its flexibility, but its EcoFlex™ System, making it an environmentally-friendly way to maintain your facility’s cleaning routine.

The Adgressor is designed to be able to switch pad pressure, water and detergent quickly and easily, so it is able to perform all your cleaning needs with very little effort. Depending on your need, you can switch between water only for quick upkeep, ultra-low detergent for a routine cleaning, standard detergent for those tougher messes and the EcoFlex’s burst of power for the ultimate deep cleaning. Name the cleaning challenge, the Adgressor has the solution.

Not only does it have this multi-functionality in its cleaning modes, but because it is a riding machine, the operator will save both time and energy that can be utilized in other projects. Yes, it’s true – the Adgressor can clean twice as much space as a manual scrubber within the same amount of time. In one hour, the Adgressor with a 35-inch scrub deck cleans up to 46,200 square feet in an hour while a manual scrubber with a 32-inch scrub deck cleans 28,160 square feet in that same hour. As an employer, this is a benefit as the time and money spent on manpower in order to maintain the floors manually is drastically higher than when using the Adgressor rider-scrubber.

If your commercial/industrial building is in need of cleaning equipment that is not only versatile but economical and eco-friendly, the Advance-Adgressor rider-scrubber is tough to beat.

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Branching Out: Our Newest Adventure | Corona, CA

For the past twelve years, you have known Southern California Industrial Equipment as your go-to for everything forklifts. From parts to rentals, we have become one of the largest independent material handling, maintenance provider and part supplier in the area. But with every success needs a new set of goals, so we are proud to announce that we are ready to embark on our newest adventure – industrial scrubbers and sweepers.

Yes, we have taken the next step into helping your warehouses/industrial facilities run in the most efficient way possible – not only through our forklift rental and supplies, but in keeping your businesses clean and tidy. And since cleanliness is godliness, you are not only keeping your business in tip top shape, but you are also providing a safe work environment for everyone around you.

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our inventory to include Nilfisk-Advance brand scrubbers and sweepers in order to provide our customers with the best possible product available on the market today. Not only do we have both rider and push models, but various sizes as well in order to support any size business need. Each machine has its own set of advantages for your flooring needs, making us a one-stop shop. And because each of our scrubber/sweeper models have their own specific sets of features for your industrial flooring needs, we are going to be focusing the next few blogs on this expansion in order to feature these fantastic new products in their own specific light.

We have been proudly serving the area since 2006 and look forward to this brand-new expansion to better serve our customer base. Thank you for your continued patronage and for allowing us to become a part of your business’ success. We hope this new product expansion will continue to support your business needs for years to come.

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Southern California Industrial Equipment proudly serves Corona and all surrounding areas.