What Floor Scrubber Is Best for Your Needs? | Corona, CA

When deciding on the best way to clean your industrial floors, there are a few things to consider. Because there are so many different models, it is important that you know the full scope of your floors in order to invest in the appropriate machine. Because the machine options vary and every building is different, choosing the wrong machine may cause issues regarding use, manpower and monetary budgeting. Here is an easy way to gather all the information needed to choose an appropriate machine.

Estimate the square footage that needs to be cleaned. We can assist you with this calculation, just drop us a line.

Choose a machine that can clean the bulk of your facility.

Walk through the machine’s entire cleaning path. Measure doorways, ramps and obstacles to ensure you don’t get a machine that doesn’t fit.

Choose the largest machine your space can accommodate. A bigger machine will have a longer run time, and it can carry more water.

Calculate how much your company currently spends on labor to maintain floors and show how an efficient new machine can pay for itself.

We can help with an estimation, just let us know and we will walk you through it. If you need a machine to clean hallways or warehouse aisles, measure the width of those aisles. This will help you select the best cleaning path width for your machine.

For example, if you have 10-foot warehouse aisles (120”), a floor scrubber with a 40” cleaning path could (in theory) clean the aisle in three, very precise passes. Realistically, the employee would make four passes. By purchasing a scrubber with a 45” deck, the same aisle could be cleaned in only three passes.

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