fork rotator

Fork Rotator

Rotators add 360° revolving motion to truck forks.

paper roll clamps

Paper Roll Clamps

Used in the paper roll industry for damage free roll handling with maximum efficiency, We offer a full line of paper roll clamps and roll clamp damage reduction options to handle paper rolls of any size, weight or type.

carton clamps

Carton Clamps

Made for the warehousing, beverage, appliance and electronics industries. These carton clamps allow for material handling with out pallets. They save money on pallet purchasing, maintenance, shipping and storage costs. As a plus they also help improve warehouse space utilization.

single double


Double your efficiency! this attachment Allows drivers to use one lift truck to handle double pallet loads. When you only need it for a single load, the four forks convert to two forks ready for single pallet handling. Forks are adjusted hydraulically for fast and efficient material handling.

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