IPC Scrubbers/Sweepers

CT5 Scrubber

The CT5 is a mini scrubber with powerful cleaning abilities.

The scrubber is equipped with a 11″ brush and a foldable handle, making it ideal for smaller spaces where scrubbers were unable to reach before. It is extremely easy to use and features a patent-pending Reverse Dry System (RDS) which will dry up the water instantly while moving in reverse.

Even though the CT5 is very small, it has the productivity capability to clean up to 6,000 square feet in an hour.

CT 105 Scrubber

The CT105 is one of the most simple automatic scrubbers on the market because of its minimal electronics.

Constant flow technology so the operator has full control of the water flow

Large brush head for faster, more productive cleaning

“Oversized” output of dirt

CT 110 Scrubber

The CT110 Rider Scrubbers, while being compact in size, offer high productivity with their 29/32 gallon tanks.

Minimal training required

Self-leveling brush system so the brush will adjust to all surfaces while cleaning

Optional on-board charger

Automatic solution and speed reduction while turning

Exclusive squeegee system

CT 230 Scrubber

The CT230 Ride On Floor Scrubbers feature a 54/ 59 gallon tank so the operator can work longer and more effectively.

Three pre-programmed work settings so the CT230 is ready to clean at the touch of a button

Easy to drive and tight turns allowing flexibility while cleaning tighter spaces

Great visibility due to streamlined control panel, reducing damage to both obstacles and machine

Automatic squeegee lifts while in reverse

Design to be quiet for use at any time

Easy to replace brush and maintain the machine

Comfortable design

510M Sweeper

The 510M Manual Sweeper is one of the easiest to use manual sweepers on the market.

Very high level of dust control because of its large hopper capacity

Heavy duty fully coated steel to provide long-term durability

Uses include cleaning pathways, car parks, warehousing as well as carpeting

1280 Sweeper

The 1280 Ride-On Sweeper is a productive, although compact, sweeper that helps with quickly cleaning larger areas.

With a battery life of up to 4 hours, the 1280 can clean up to 190,685 square feet in one charge.

On uneven floors, the sweeper’s brush can self-adjust to maintain constant pressure and collect all debris in its path.

When the debris collection hopper is full, the release is very easy as the sweeper includes a high-dump lift hopper.

1404 Sweeper

The 1404 Ride-On Vacuum Sweeper features a wide range of accessories and is the largest sweeper that IPC Eagle offers.

2 self- cleaning filter system, therefore leaving a dust-free environment

A wide variety of accessories

Self-Leveling System (SLS) to help maintain constant pressure

Can clean up to 113,000 square feet an hour, as well as up a 20% incline

No Debris in Curve (NDC) system that moves brushes when turning to help collect more dirt

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