Three Reasons to Switch to a Floor Scrubber | Corona, CA

As we are slowly working our way back to normal business practices, it is important that we keep our businesses clean and safe for the patrons and the employees. We once relied upon a mop and bucket to clean the floor, but for busy buildings, it can become a waste of manpower to constantly keep these floors pristine.

So, how do you keep the surfaces clean while saving time and energy of manually pushing a mop around? A floor scrubber will not only keep your floors very clean, but depending on the type of model, can save you loads of manpower hours. Here are the biggest reasons to make the swap:

Time saver. An employee with a mop and bucket can clean about 4,000 square feet per hour. The same employee with a floor scrubber can clean anywhere between 20,000 square feet and 30,000 square feet per hour, depending on the size and runtime of the scrubber. This leads to a decrease in labor costs with a return on investment.

No dirty water. A floor scrubber doesn’t reuse dirty water when cleaning the floor while a mop and bucket does. This means a floor scrubber will leave your floor cleaner. Clean water flows through the floor scrubber while the squeegee at the base of the floor scrubber catches the dirty water and transfers it to the recovery tank to be disposed. This also allows you to avoid cross contamination since you’re not reusing water.

Safety. The floor scrubber leaves the floor dry within minutes while a mop and bucket leave the floor wet much longer allowing for potential slips, trips, and falls.

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