Why Use an Auto Scrubber? | Corona, CA

When it comes to hard floor cleaning, the manual method (i.e., mopping) doesn’t get the job done. Not only is it a waste of manpower, but if your flooring is massive square footage, it will undoubtedly be a never-ending process. You may want to invest in a floor scrubber. The reasons to invest in an industrial scrubber boil down to four main advantages:

Hygiene. Mop water is only clean the first time it’s used. Every subsequent dip of the mop adds contaminants to the water. Scrubbing is the only way to guarantee you’re putting nothing but clean water and chemical onto your floor.

Effectiveness. Mopping doesn’t remove contaminants; it just spreads them around. After measuring bacterial contamination on mops used in hospitals, a group of Canadian researchers concluded that mopping was equivalent to “the daily painting of hospital floors with thick suspensions of…organisms.” In contrast, scrubber dryers clean and extract dirt very effectively, ensuring you meet your cleaning standards.

Safety. After mopping, the floor is wet, which increases the risk of slip and fall incidents. An auto scrubber scrubs and dries in one pass so that the floor will not be slippery.

Productivity. Even if mopping were a safe, effective way to clean, it would still not be a productive one. Scrubber dryers can clean many times faster than mops, freeing up cleaners’ time for other important tasks.

If you are convinced that an auto scrubber is an investment worth considering in the near future, contact SCIE for a consultation.

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