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When you have a gigantic amount of square footage to scrub, it is important to try to keep productivity high and costs low. So, when you are getting ready to choose a scrubber for your floor finish, consider choosing the Focus II Mid-Size Autoscrubber. With six different models to choose from, choosing a scrubber that is ideal for your business needs will be a no brainer! Let’s take a look at some of the various features and benefits:

BOOST Technology. BOOST Technology is a green way to remove floor finish without the use of chemicals. By using BOOST, you can not reduce your water usage, but the squared pad design helps to get in the corners, making it a time and money saver.

Three Disc Models. Available in 26, 28 and 34 inch discs, these models are perfect for a daily scrub. Because it is powered by two heavy-duty brush motors, it helps reduce manpower. If you have uneven floors, this is the model for you for an all-over clean.

Cylindrical. The Cylindrical 28 is the machine you need if you have grouted tile, imperfect or rough textured flooring. There is a removable catch-all tray included to make debris disposal easy and the rotating brushes can easily removed and replaced when necessary.

And these are just the benefits for the particular models – there are plenty of perks in general: ergonomic button controls, onboard battery charger, urethane squeegee blades, rear solution fill and a quiet motor make the Focus II Mid Size Autoscrubber the perfect option for your building needs.

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